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Party time!!!!! Super Team was born in LA so we had to write our love letter to the local Mexican cuisine.

This recipe tops our crispy Super Team bars with creamy Avocado + Greek Yogurt while also boosting the protein and healthy fats.  And the Cilantro + Corn + Paprika adds an extra depth of flavor to this savory snack.

Super Easy + Super Tasty.


Ingredients (Serves: 1)

  • 1 - Zesty BBQ Protein Bar
  • 2T - Greek Yogurt
  • 1/2 - Avocado 
  • 1T - Roasted Corn
  • 1T - Cilantro
  • Smoked Paprika



  1. Spread Greek Yogurt on Zesty BBQ Protein Bar
  2. Top with Avocado, Corn, Cilantro
  3. Sprinkle Paprika to taste
  4. Enjoy your snack w/ benefits!

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