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Savor the essence of summer with our artisan Super Team topped salad, a vibrant medley of fresh ingredients. Crisp greens form the base, adorned with juicy tomatoes, creamy avocados, and herbaceous cilantro. The tangy goat cheese adds a luxurious touch, while the Super Team protein bar provides a satisfying crunch. A drizzle of vinaigrette dressing ties it all together. Each forkful presents a symphony of flavors and textures, making this salad a delightful treat for warm, sunny days and a standout addition to any meal or gathering.

This amazing and refreshing salad came from one of our fans.


Ingredients (Serves: 1)

  • 1 Bar - Everything Bagel Protein Bar
  • 2 C - Salad Greens
  • ½ C - Kumato Tomatoes
  • ½ - Avocado
  • 1 - Small Green Onion
  • ½ - Persian Cucumber
  • ¼ C - Labneh or Goat Cheese 
  • 2 T - Cilantro
  • 1-2 T - Vinaigrette
  • Drizzle of Sunflower Butter 



  1. Add Salad Greens to bowl
  2. Thinly slice green onion and cucumber
  3. Chop Tomatoes into ¼ 's
  4. Pick cilantro
  5. Mix all ingredients
  6. Scoop Labneh or Cheese on top
  7. Break protein bar into 8-12 bite sized pieces
  8. Add vinaigrette to taste
  9. Drizzle Sunflower Butter
  10. Enjoy your snack w/ benefits!


Credit: Jay M.

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