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We are huge popcorn fans at Super Team and adding a protein crunch makes our popcorn even better.  Our Spicy Herb protein bar adds a nice kick that is balanced by the popcorn.

We personally love popping whole kernels to experiment with different oils and spices but this recipe works great with microwaveable popcorn as well.


Ingredients (Serves: 2-4)

  • 1 Bar - Spicy Herb Protein Bar (or favorite flavor)
  • ⅓ C - Popcorn Kernels
  • 3 T - Olive or Avocado Oil
  • 1 T - Butter (more for taste)
  • ½ t - Ground Black Pepper
  • Pinch of Salt



  1. Heat Olive Oil on medium heat in medium pot
  2. Add Popcorn Kernels and partially cover with lid
  3. Add Butter to separate small pan on low heat
  4. Shake pot with Popcorn Kernels every few minutes until popping begins
  5. Remove from heat once popping slows to several seconds between pops
  6. Toss popcorn, butter, salt, and pepper in serving bowl
  7. Break protein bar into bite size pieces and top popcorn
  8. Enjoy your snack w/ benefits!

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