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We are 100% Team Savory.  And we are not shy about our extreme dislike of gross sweet protein bars. 

We could give you infinite reasons not to eat sweet protein bars, but today we got the Top 10 reasons why you should avoid sweet bars.


1.) Taste Terrible 

Seriously, sweet protein bars taste plain bad.  We fool ourselves into thinking they are acceptable because they pretend to be healthy.  But if we are honest...they just have the lingering aftertaste of 'should've had something else'.


2.) Crappy Candy Bars

Take a look at some of the most popular snack bars at the supermarket and then pull out a Snickers.  Surprisingly...the nutrition is not that different.  Except the Snickers tastes great.

Sweet protein bars are often crappy candy bars masquerading as health food.


3.) Loaded with Sugar

We mentioned that sweet protein bars are like candy bars right? Well unless you are looking to spike your blood sugar and have a sugar crash, you should probably check the nutrition label and avoid most sweet protein bars because they are full of sugar.

As much as we love the taste of sugar, it is linked to a ton of health problems


4.) Loaded with Sugar Alcohols/Artificial Sweeteners

Oh boy, oh boy do we have a bone to pick with sugar alcohols.  

They are a popular alternative to sugar, and they often hide under fiber in the nutrition label.  But unlike insoluble fiber, many sugar alcohols still have calories and spike your blood sugar.

Besides having a terrible after taste, they also can cause digestive issues and one of the most popular sweeteners (erythritol) has even been linked to increased risk of heart attack and stroke.


5.) Texture Like Boiled Leather

Eating a sweet chewy protein bar is dense, and chalky.  You'll need the jaws of a lion to power through this chew-fest, but at least you're getting a good workout while you snack, right?


6.) Bad Macros

Low protein, high carb.  Enough said.


7.) Not satisfying

Snacks should be satisfying!  And unfortunately most sweet protein bars have you reaching back in the cabinet 20 minutes later.  Probably has something to do with those bad macros.


8.) Not Versatile

Protein bars are a convenient snack...but do you always want ultra sweet triple chocolate sundae fudge brownie birthday cake flavor?  Sweet protein bars are not very versatile because they don't pair well with other foods or your main meal.


9.) Not Transparent

Doesn't it drive you crazy when you see "Natural Flavors" or "Spices" on an ingredient statement?  What the hell are these? 

We are not saying there is anything malicious, but we just want to know what we are actually putting in our body.


10.) Ingredients like a Chemistry Textbook

Xantham Gum, Soy Lecithin, Glycerin, Erythritol, Sucralose, Sodium Caseinate, this a protein bar or an organic chemistry textbook?  We prefer ingredients we know.


Conclusion: Snack on tasty Super Team instead.

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